Global Warming and Its Devastation on Common Species

One of the most important and relevant issues we face as a race is global warming. Yes, progress is needed. Yes, progress comes at a price. No, mass extinctions are not required. And yes, there is still time to salvage what is left. The short of it is that too many animals are flickering out at alarming rates because of habitat loss and unsustainable human consumption.

The Past Decades

According to the WWF, the entire earth’s animal species count has halved in the past 40 years. Across all habitats, from land, air, and water (both fresh and saltwater), various kinds of animals have died out. By analyzing 10,000 different animal populations representative of 3,000 different species, a Living Planet Index (LPI) was created. This LPI measures wildlife decline based on the analyses of the animal populations.

The Biggest Losers

Freshwater animals are also dying out at the quickest rates. Rivers, lakes, and other freshwater systems are the most prone to destruction from exploitation, habitat change, habitat destruction, climate change, and others best arthritis supplement for dogs. Undisciplined dumping of waste from human industries also promotes accelerated death for these water animals. By default, humans also lose out on this as freshwater supply is becoming ever scarcer.

Outsourcing Wildlife Decline

The nature of importing and exporting has also promoted the destruction of habitats from far and wide. For example, a good third of all global deforestation products, like timber, was funneled into Europe between 1990 and 2008.

Glimmer of Hope

All is not lost for many of the earth’s animals. For instance, the tigers in Nepal, care of conservation efforts, have seen an increase in their numbers. Otters, which in England faced almost certain extinction, bounced back and can be found in habitats globally. This year 2015, the world made serious promises about reducing human damage upon the earth. For instance, China made a pledge to reduce its carbon footprint and evidence of its growing use of solar power can be observed.

While not boasting a perfect plan, the headstrong decision of some individuals and nations to revitalize the world again is a strong signal of hope for everyone. The global cooperation to reduce fossil fuel use is gaining momentum. And, while grim to think about, this movement will get the support it needs sooner or later. The question is, will support later be too late to avert the damage that a few decades of human intervention has caused?

Pet Cat’s First Weeks In Your House

After just a few days, your cat will eventually settle into your home. He will learn to like the place little by little and with your help, everything will be alright for him.

As pet owners, it is your responsibility to give your cat long-term care to ensure his safety and comfort. Such as when dealing with a cat with arthritis.

Here are some tips to make your cat’s life comfortable under your guide.

First of all, give him the right bed so he gets a good night’s sleep. Give your cat a soft bedding and put it inside a small box that he can call his own.

Position it in a cozy spot inside your house so he can rest well. Besides, cats spend most of their time sleeping. So giving him a comfy spot to sleep is one way to earn his trust.

Next, do not forget the toys. Kids like toys and cats are like kids. So they need a toy or two to keep them entertained. These products are easy to find. Pet stores surely have a variety of cat toys. Eventually you cat will have a favorite toy that you would thank, because it’s probably gonna keep your cat happy most of the time.

Litter boxes are also a major part of your pet’s life so you should give it some attention. For those who have one cat, you must have at least two litter boxes for accessibility purposes. The size of the litter box should be more than the length of your cat.

And once you positioned the litter box, do not relocate it. The box should be easily found by your pet and located in a non-crowded part of your home. Put your litter boxes in separate areas to make it easier to locate by your cats. Use clumping litter or natural clay if necessary. And remember to never disrupt your pet if you find him in the litter box.

It won’t take very long before the pet realizes that he is in a comfortable and safe environment. And before you know it, he has already fallen in love with your family.

But for long term care, keep in mind the following that you cat needs to be taken to the vet regularly. You should always be in the look for your pet’s discomfort.

Sometimes they can also have medical conditions that can cause them pain such as arthritis. In this case you’ll need to find out what the best arthritis treatment for cats is for your feline friend.

You should also keep them well-groomed and hygienic. They are susceptible to parasites so always keep them tidy.